Retired Baronial Awards

These Baronial Award Orders were closed in 2018 upon registration of our new award names.

  • Bon Coeur (Good Heart) – for service to the Barony
  • Grand Mal Bon Coeur – for great deeds of service to the Barony
  • Service Coeur d’Sanglier (Boar’s Heart for Service) – for long term devoted service to the Barony
  • Lumier du Sanglier (Boar’s Light) – for teaching
  • Boar’s Song – for excellence in the arts
  • Boar’s Tooth – for excellence in the sciences
  • Sanglier du Guerre (War Boar) – for excellence in fighting
  • Sanglier Errant (Wandering Boar) – for travel
  • Mace of Honor – for honorable actions on and off the field
  • Crashing Boar – for fighting or providing support for the Barony at war
  • Sanglier Absentia – for friends devoted to the Barony from afar
  • Friend of our Land – for extreme good humor and service
  • Baron’s or Baroness’ Favor – for deeds of note
  • Boar’s Heart – for outstanding service to the Barony and determined by the Baroness of Coeur d’Ennui (generally given only once per baronial tenure)
  • The Boar’s Bow – for excellence in archery